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Karetnikov - Violin sonata

Karetnikov - Violin sonata. You can download the PDF sheet music Karetnikov - Violin sonata on this page. Karetnikov Nikolai, author of this violin sonata, belongs to the alternative stream of Soviet composers. From the 1960s he developed his compositional style on serialism, under the influence of Webern's music. This Violin sonata op.16 was written in 1961. Karetnikov virtually withdrew from Soviet concert life; this coincided with his conversion to the Orthodox faith. For many years, his apparent activities within the country were limited to the sphere of incidental music. He was very much in demand as a cinema composer and wrote some film scores, some of which are complex symphonic compositions artistically valuable in themselves. Violin part edited by O.Kagan

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Instrument part: Missed


Piano part: 9 pages. 1984 K


Karetnikov - Violin sonata - Instrument part - first page Karetnikov - Violin sonata - Piano part - first page
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