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Laoureux - A Practical Method for Violin part 1

Laoureux - A Practical Method for Violin part 1. You can download the PDF sheet music Laoureux - A Practical Method for Violin part 1 on this page. This book teaches the pupil how to hold both bow and violin in a wholly correct manner. The first exercises with the bow are excellently graduated, and highly important to insure suppleness of the right arm and a fine quality of tone. For the left hand, M. Laoureux begins with the first finger and makes it practise a great variety of exercises; later he takes up the 2d, 3d and 4th fingers in the same way. Thus, while giving the pupil a thorough training, he avoids monotony in the exercises.
The same method is pursued throughout the course. New difficulties are always prepared by a series of practical exercises, and concluded by a Study containing a review of the technical points just practised. The various bowings are led up to by easy steps, and I am convinced that the pupil would understand the explanations even without the teacher's assistance.
Part II is devoted to the Positions. Beginners generally find them difficult to master, both on account of the different fingering and the changes of position. This difficulty, of which the other violin methods take no notice whatever, is forestalled by the author; from the first position he goes directly over to the third, and then comes back to the second, in which, lying as it does between the other two, the pupil soon feels at home. And in this way the author is enabled to introduce immediately a good number of studies in shifting, and to emphasize the special use of each finger in manifold positions. In a word, the few pages devoted to these studies in shifting afford the pupil a complete view of the positions and the art of shifting. The progressive exercises, with similar fingerings in the first five positions, present the same advantages, and at the same time train the pupil's ear.

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Instrument part: 64 pages. 5841 K



Laoureux - A Practical Method for Violin part 1 - Instrument part - first page
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Double-stops receive special treatment in the Second Part. All the intervals are prepared, and the two tones are not played together until they have been exhaustively practised as melodic (broken) intervals. By this method the beginner's ear is not led astray, and he more readily acquires perfect precision of pitch.
This Violin Method is, the only one which so skilfully prepares the study of one of the chief difficulties of our instrument. Taken as a whole, this Method advances by very carefully considered gradations, and is, I think, the best adapted for its purpose of all the methods with which I am familiar, and calculated to do most excellent service in the cause of violin-teaching.
Supported by the opinion of such a renowned virtuoso and expert, I can only concur in the praise which he bestows on the author of this Violin Method, and approve and recommend the use of this extremely interesting work for instruction on the violin at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels.
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