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Lipinski - Violin concerto op.24 N3

Lipinski - Violin concerto op.24 N3. You can download the PDF sheet music Lipinski - Violin concerto op.24 N3 on this page. Lipinski was a very outstanding violinist of unique talent. Although he had neither a beautiful, fast trill nor the staccato at his command, these lacks were felt less with his attainments, since he was able to make up for them in part by his intellectual advantages and in part by certain technical merits. These included a broad, vigorous tone of penetrating timbre, a great skill in double stops, octave passages, and chords, as well as a beautiful intonation. His bowing had something slow and heavy to it, such as can be observed in all violinists who aim at the production of grand sound formation. And it was precisely in this respect that Lipinski achieved the extraordinary. The »grand sound« was his ideal: it became a sort of monomania for him during the later
years of his life, since he played almost everything, even that which required an opposite treatment, with broad, forceful stroking.

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Instrument part: 8 pages. 564 K


Piano part: 10 pages. 679 K


Lipinski - Violin concerto op.24 N3 - Instrument part - First page Lipinski - Violin concerto op.24 N3 - Piano part - First page
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