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Martinu - Violin Sonata N2

Martinu - Violin Sonata N2. You can download the PDF sheet music Martinu - Violin Sonata N2 on this page. This sonata is a work of elegance, moderation - particularly as regards dynamics - and balanced poise, and none of its three movements exceeds four minutes in duration. Music of clear tonal designation makes its return here after a prolonged absence, and the music is quite free of jazz rhythms. The 'toccata' aspect of the preceding works moves somewhat into the background in this sonata to give way to the composer's expansive melodic writing.

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PDF format sheet music

Instrument part: 8 pages. 449 K


Piano part: 23 pages. 1327 K


Martinu - Violin Sonata N2 - Instrument part - first page Martinu - Violin Sonata N2 - Piano part - first page
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The Sonata No. 2 for violin and piano (H 208, Paris 1931) is dedicated to Hortense de Sampigny-Bailly. It was composed at a time when Martinú had begun investing what he had learnt from his 1920s experimentation in what he himself termed „definive" works. This was the year of the String Quartet with Orchestra and the Partita for string orchestra, the first signs of the neo-Baroque orientation that was later to appear in a number of compositions based on the principles of the Baroque concerto grosso.
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