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Milhaud - Violin concerto N1 op.93

Milhaud - Violin concerto N1 op.93 (1927). You can download the PDF sheet music Milhaud - Violin concerto N1 on this page. Milhaud's violin concert has no romantic vividness. It differ more likely in its general character, rhythmic variations, harmonious subtleties and characteristic syncopations, typically French, in the style of Debussy, Satie and Stravinsky, with a noticeable influence of jazz. The first violin concerto is a miniature, rather nice composition, symptomatic of the music of the twenties. Darius Milhaud brought back here a rich harvest of folk tunes and syncopated rhythms, filling with them a whole violin part. This concerto was written by composer in 1927 and was dedicated to madame Suter-Sapen.
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Violin part: 6 pages. 2546 K


Piano part: 14 pages. 5588 K


Milhaud - Violin concerto N1 - Violin part - first page Milhaud - Violin concerto N1 - Piano part - first page
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