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Mozart - Violin sonata Es-dur K.380

Mozart - Violin sonata Es-dur K.380. You can download the PDF sheet music Mozart - Violin sonata Es-dur K.380 on this page. Sonata in E-flat Major, K. 380 (374f)

I. Allegro
II. Andante con moto
III. Rondeau.

Here we notice the broad, theatrical gestures of Idomeneo, especially in the first movement. Its development section is partly 'fantasy', partly thematic; the way these two principles are freely combined once more shows Mozart's growing mastery. The second movement is in G minor. This Andante con moto almost forms a bridge between Idomeneo and Die Entführung: its beginning recalls Ilia's first scene and at another moment we are reminded of the second part of Belmonte's aria 'Wenn der Freude Tränen fließen'. This highly expressive Andante is Haydnesque insofar as it is almost entirely built upon one theme; the melodic line of the second is rhythmically identical with that of the first, and melodically only a variant. The final Rondeau starts with an ingenuous tune, sounding almost like a folk tune. But its second 'couplet' is, for that reason, all the more impressive; it introduces a kind of dramaticism which counterbalances the weight of the first movement.

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Instrument part: 7 pages. 702 K


Piano part: 23 pages. 2614 K


Instrument part - First page Piano part - First page
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