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Nielsen - Violin concerto op.33

Nielsen - Violin concerto op.33. You can download the PDF sheet music Nielsen - Violin concerto op.33 on this page.

I: Praeludium (Largo) - Allegro cavalleresco
II: Poco adagio
III: Rondo (Allegretto scherzando)

The Nielsen finished working on this concerto in December 1911, some eight months after his Third Symphony. The Nielsen concerto is wonderfully fresh and has a strong and immediate appeal. The work is unusual formally: there are two movements, each preceded by a slow section: first, a Praeludium {Largo) which leads to Allegro cavalleresco; and an Intermezzo (Poco adagio) which leads into a final Rondo, marked Allegretto scherzando. As is so often the case in Nielsen's music, the concerto exhibits the principle of progressive tonality, that is to say, the music begins in one key and ends in another.

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PDF format sheet music


Instrument part: 21 pages. 1458 K


Piano part: 41 pages. 2979 K


Instrument part - First page Piano part - First page
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The first movement opens in G minor and the Rondo finale is firmly in D major. The Praeludium opens with an explosive chord which leads to a cadenza. (As in the Sibelius the cadenza is placed early in the movement.) Then follows a gentle, reflective idea on the strings that holds the stage for a time, though the music grows in vehemence until the Allegro cavalleresco. The opening chivalresque | theme sets in motion a traditional sonata-form process that is easily enough followed. The second group, which begins on the woodwind and in which the soloist immediately joins, is a marvellous idea, as characterful and warm-hearted as the first subject is relatively conventional. There is a long cadenza before the very end of the movement. The intermezzo offers the most searching pages of the work: it opens by tracing the notes B.A.C.H. and is more chromatic in character than anything else in the work, yet there is not the slightest suspicion of sentimentality. Its mood strikes a deeper vein of feeling than the Rondo into which it leads.
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