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Prokofiev - Sonata for violin solo op.115

Prokofiev - Sonata for violin solo op.115. You can download the PDF sheet music Prokofiev - Sonata for violin solo op.115 on this page. The Sonata for Solo Violin in D major, Opus 115, is a three-movement work for unaccompanied violin composed by Sergei Prokofiev in 1947. It was commissioned by the Soviet Union's Committee of Arts Affairs as a pedagogical work for talented violin students. It is therefore a non-virtuosic piece, and was originally designed to be played not by one soloist but by multiple young performers in unison. It was not performed until 1959 - after Prokofiev's death - by Ruggerio Ricci at the Moscow Conservatory. The work is composed in Classical style and its melodies are largely diatonic. The first movement is in sonata form, the second movement is a theme with five variations, and the third movement has characteristics of a mazurka.

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Prokofiev - Sonata for violin solo op.115 - Instrument part - first page
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According to David Oistrach, Prokofiev had indeed intended the sonata as a unison concert piece to be played by a group of violinists.The idea stemmed from the custom of having solo violin works by composers like Bach and Handel played by violin ensembles at festive concerts in the Bolshoi Theatre. Prokofiev's concise, three-movement Sonata for violin solo, however, did not really become a repertoire piece. Not until seven years after his death, on 10 March 1960, was the work performed in ensemble by the violin class of the Moscow state conservatory. "A violin sonata that I wrote not long ago is also suitable, by reason of its major character and Russian themes, for the mood of these festive days. I can imagine it played in unison by young violinists, perhaps by pupils of one of our music schools", Prokofiev said.
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