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Raff - Violin sonata N. 1 Op. 73

Raff - Violin sonata N. 1 Op. 73. You can download the PDF sheet music Raff - Violin sonata N. 1 Op. 73 on this page. The First Grand Sonata op. 73 goes back to 1853-54 and may be regarded as Raff's principal work in the duo genre from his Weimar period. Here Raff qualified as the cofounder of the large-scale romantic sonata in view of the concertante element of the solo instrument. He also places himself in Beethoven's lien of succession by proceeding on the basis of the piano, »for Pianoforte and Violin.«

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Instrument part: 15 pages. 826 K


Piano part: 51 pages. 2405 K


Raff - Violin sonata N. 1 Op. 73 - Instrument part - first page Raff - Violin sonata N. 1 Op. 73 - Piano part - first page
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The dedicatee Ferdinand Laub was once again a renowned violinist of those times. He did not perform the sonata at its Weimar premiere in 1855 but at the Berlin first performance in 1856 with Hans von Bulow at the grand piano. Here we should recall that Schumann's complete piano oeuvre had firmly established poetic content in the sonata form and had expanded the same so »fantastically« (e.g., in the Fantasy op. 17 for piano dedicated to Liszt, even more so than in his own piano sonatas) that an open form stood in readiness for Raff. The analogies to Schumann's violin sonatas from the same period, from the early 1850s, are of primary interest; perhaps they are the most comparable in their characteristic shape because in form they clearly adhere to the sonata scheme. It is only too significant that it was precisely during these months that Raff met the young Brahms, who felt much more drawn to Liszt's secretary than he did to Master Liszt himself and even engaged in an intensive exchange with Raff. Brahms already had a grand sonata of his own in his pocket, his first piano sonata.
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