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Ravel - Gypsy rhapsody (Tzigane) for violin

Ravel - Gypsy rhapsody for violin. You can download the PDF sheet music Ravel - Gypsy rhapsody for violin on this page. Tzigane (1922-24), written for the Hungarian violinist Jelly d'Aranyi, who was a friend of Bartok's, Ravel was not really trying to get back to the roots of Magyar music, but simply wanted to conjure up the Hungary of his dreams, land of the gipsies - of the cabaret type.

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Instrument part: 8 pages. 674 K


Piano part: 16 pages. 1210 K


Ravel - Gypsy rhapsody for violin - Instrument part - First page Ravel - Gypsy rhapsody for violin - Piano part - First page
Download PDF (14.99 €) Download PDF (14.99 €)
The fantasy keeps to the usual structure of the czardas: a slow introduction (more than 50 bars for unaccompanied violin), an acceleration and then a stunning unleashing of the rhythm, stopped dead in its tracks by the traditional three-note closing gesture. Taking his cue from Paganini's caprices, Ravel has piled up as many difficulties as possible in fingering and bowing, with double stopping, effects of vibrato, and all kinds of acrobatics, which do not always hide the irony or even a certain latent anxiety in the piece. The transcription of the piano accompaniment for orchestra gives a particular dimension to the work: the emergence of the orchestra has something magical about it.
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