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Ravel - Violin sonata (1897)

Ravel - Violin sonata (1897). You can download the PDF sheet music Ravel - Violin sonata (1897) on this page. Ravel wrote his one-movement Violin Sonata of 1897 as a twenty-two-year-old student at the Paris Conservatory, but it remained unpublished until 1975, over forty years after his death. This youthful piece is well-constructed, with the opening triplet figure returning at regular intervals. It's interesting, too, to hear vestiges of the styles of César Franck and Fauré, which he would soon assimilate into a less obviously derivative language of his own. A similarity exists between the opening phrase of this Sonata and that of the Piano Trio of 1915, which Ravel declared was "Basque in coloring." We know of no performance in his lifetime, but possibly he wrote it for his classmate at the Conservatory, Georges Enesco.

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Instrument part: 5 pages. 648 K


Piano part: 17 pages. 1146 K


Instrument part - First page Piano part - First page
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True, it was known from Maurice Ravel's biography that in 1897 he performed his own composition together with his fellow-pupil Georges Enescu at a school concert at the Paris Conservatory, but nevertheless the discovery of a work which had been regarded as lost recently surprised the whole musical world. Ravel's artistic development took a slower course than Strauss's and his Sonata for Violin and Piano is one of his first works in general. In spite of this, however, it manifests many of the characteristics of the work of the later master: a firm order, a logical formal structure, pure invention and typically French clearness of sound. The question of whether it was intended to be a single-movement composition, or whether the composer's original aim remained merely a torso has yet to be answered. Whatever the case may be. however, the sonata caught on in concert practice and proved that it was capable of living its own independent life next to its renowned, thirty years younger sister and that its effect was that of a compact form with an adequate number of mood nuances. True, the influence of the lyricism of Gabriel Faure is clearly evident in places, but the tones with which Ravel's Piano Sonatina soon rang out and presented a new artistic personality in the sphere of world music manifest themselves far more energetically.
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