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Roslavets - Violin concerto N1

Roslavets - Violin concerto N1. You can download the PDF sheet music Roslavets - Violin concerto N1 on this page. The composer who took the call for material renewal most seriously was Nikolai Roslavers, who had developed his new tonal system even before the Revolution. By the transposition of tone complexes on all degrees of the chromatic scale, his system is close to Schoenberg's dodecaphonic music. The great difference is that whereas the pitch sequence is strictly determined with Schoenberg, Roslavets is more concerned with the interval structure, and consequently with the harmonic color, of the tone complex. Pitch sequences play no structural role in his music. Roslavets began to develop his ideas systematically in the 1920s, first in piano and chamber music, and later also in large orchestral works such as the Violin Concerto of 1925. Nikolai Roslavets, is more interesting than Shostakovich and Prokofiev in their compositions written in the 1920s. Denisov rates Roslavets's Violin Concerto as one of his best pieces ("a very good composition distinguished for bright and talented music".

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Instrument part: 20 pages. 3606 K


Piano part: 80 pages. 10126 K


Roslavets - Violin concerto N1 - Instrument part - first page Roslavets - Violin concerto N1 - Piano part - first page
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