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Roslavets - Violin sonata N4

Roslavets - Violin sonata N4. You can download the PDF sheet music Roslavets - Violin sonata N4 on this page. The fully developed mature works of Roslavets contain very specific pedal indications, whether a solo piano work such as the Fifth Sonata or the sonatas for violin and cello. There is quite evident use of thematicism, with grandiose statements of the main themes, use of invertible counterpoint and dramatic (not necessarily loud) codas. A case in point is the Violin Sonata No.4, which uses two distinct themes. The second theme is used most poetically in the coda, while the climax of the Sonata is explosive. In expressionistic fashion, this outburst is soon followed by utter stillness. This device of extreme contrast is very effectively realized in his 4th violin sonata, of which Myaskovsky wrote: "One senses in this music a living pulse, an inner glow which must have filled the composer during writing these compelling and impressive pages".

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Instrument part: 6 pages. 694 K


Piano part: 33 pages. 2971 K


Roslavets - Violin sonata N4 - Instrument part - first page Roslavets - Violin sonata N4 - Piano part - first page
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One sometimes reads of Roslavets as the "Russian Schoenberg"; this may be a useful generalization, as long as one understands that Schoenberg descended from Brahms and Roslavets from Scriabin, to push generalities a step further. Resultantly, there are general surface features that Roslavets shares with Schoenberg, but much of the intent, gesture and emotional charge is quite different. In the larger-scale works, Roslavets tends to use sonata form; in most cases he is content with the one-movement form pioneered by Liszt and used by Scriabin, within which are contained elements of the old slow movement, scherzo, allegro, and rondo, sometimes combined in quite complex fashion.
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