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Rubinstein - Violin concerto op.46

Rubinstein - Violin concerto op.46. You can download the PDF sheet music Rubinstein - Violin concerto op.46 on this page. The Violin Concerto in G major, Opus 46, written in 1857, when Rubinstein was 28, at a time when the establishment of a professional Conservatory in Russia was under discussion, is unjustly neglected. There is nothing particularly Russian about the work, which shows the fine craftsmanship of a Mendelssohn and an undoubtedly professional technical command of structure and orchestration. The three movements of the concerto provide an admirable opportunity for virtuoso performance. The first of these opens with an orchestral introduction based on the main theme of the movement, before the dramatic entry of the soloist, who later takes up the principal theme, followed by passage-work and more lyrical material, developed with the orchestra, with brief cadenzas and final excitement. The slow movement opens with a hymn-like orchestral theme and trumpet solo before the entry of the soloist in a high register, going on to tenderly lyrical comment on the material, before moving on to music of greater intensity. The serenity of the close of the movement is broken at once by what follows, a lively finale, with contrasting thematic material that nevertheless brings moments of relaxation and final drama.

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Instrument part: 18 pages. 5156 K


Piano part: 34 pages. 4018 K


Rubinstehn - Violin concerto op.46 - Instrument part - first page Rubinstehn - Violin concerto op.46 - Piano part - first page
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