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Schnittke - Violin Concerto N3 op.128

Schnittke - Violin Concerto N3 op.128. You can download the PDF sheet music Schnittke - Violin Concerto N3 op.128 on this page. This work was originally intended for a programme that was also to include Hindemith's Piano Concerto and Berg's Chamber Concerto. This influenced author's choice of instrumental forces, with his own piece representing a summation of the resources employed in the other two. But even the musical design of Schnittke piece was influenced by this conception: thirteen winds and only four strings do not produce any kind of balance. He found a solution to this problem by not using the strings until the third movement, where they enter for the first time and finally displace the winds altogether towards the end of the work. Author originally planned to call the piece Canticum canticorum but later abandoned this idea.

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Instrument part: Missed


Orchestral score: 25 pages. 12944 K


Schnittke - Violin Concerto N3 op.128 - Instrument part - first page Schnittke - Violin Concerto N3 op.128 - Piano part - first page
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