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Schnittke - Violin sonata N1 op.30

Schnittke - Violin sonata N1 op.30. You can download the PDF sheet music Schnittke - Violin sonata N1 op.30 on this page. The First Violin Sonata dates from 1963 when he was still in his late twenties and like his Second Violin Concerto of 1966 is dedicated to Lubotsky. It is a powerfully argued piece that seems to unify his awareness of the post serial musical world with the tradition of Shostakovich. It opens with a short Andante, of some forty bars in which the violin begins by announcing a series of twelve notes, so arranged that, as in the case of the Berg violin concerto, or for that matter, Shostakovich's sonata, the tonal implications of the row do not disappear from view. This leads to a concentrated and inventive fast movement (Allegretto) which is powerful in momentum and controlled energy. It is linked to a Largo which at first sight calls to mind the Passacagiia in Shostakovich'sTrio, Op. 67, and in which a four-note theme (C,B,D,C sharp) is all-pervasive. Indeed, this figure returns at the very end after the brilliant Allegretto scherzando that constitutes the finale.

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Instrument part: Missed


Piano part: 33 pages. 1239 K


Schnittke - Violin sonata N1 op.30 - Instrument part - first page Schnittke - Violin sonata N1 op.30 - Piano part - first page
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