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Schnittke - Violin Sonata N2 op.49

Schnittke - Violin Sonata N2 op.49. You can download the PDF sheet music Schnittke - Violin Sonata N2 op.49 on this page. The Violin Sonata No. 2 (1967/68) was Schnittke's first polystylistic work. His music generally falls into two overarching categories: works that are sober, deeply expressive, and often infused with his Christian mystical faith, and those that are light-hearted, mischievous and intentionally provocative by subverting expectations. He stated that he aimed in art to unite the light and the serious, and his witty works often have sudden, disarming moments of soulful sincerity. His work as a composer for film and animation also displays his playfulness and picturesque use of instrumentation. His Sonata No. 2 has the subtitle "Quasi una sonata", or "like a sonata", indicating an impish attitude toward the time-honored sonata form and medium.

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PDF format sheet music

Instrument part: 16 pages. 1209 K


Piano part: 36 pages. 1353 K


Schnittke - Violin Sonata N2 op.49 - Instrument part - first page Schnittke - Violin Sonata N2 op.49 - Piano part - first page
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