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Shaverzashvili - Violin concerto

Shaverzashvili - Violin concerto. You can download the PDF sheet music Shaverzashvili - Violin concerto on this page. This violin concerto by the Georgian composer is written in the three-part form Allegro - Andante - Presto. The music shows characteristic national motives. Alexander Vasilyevich Shaverzashvili - Soviet and Georgian composer, music teacher, professor (since 1971). Ph.D. in art history (1951). Honored Artist of the Georgian SSR (1961). Member of the Union of Composers of Georgia. His compositions often used old polyphonic forms. Most works of A. Shaverzashvili use revolutionary and military-patriotic themes.

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PDF format sheet music

Violin part: 14 pages. 1560 K


Piano part: 42 pages. 4767 K


Shaverzashvili - Violin concerto - Violin part - first page Shaverzashvili - Violin concerto - Piano part - first page
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