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Sczymanowski - Violin concerto N2 op.61

Sczymanowski - Violin concerto N2 op.61. You can download the PDF sheet music Sczymanowski - Violin concerto N2 op.61 on this page. The second violin Concerto (Op.61) was sketched in August 1932 and completed and orchestrated between March and September 1933.  Scored for a slightly smaller orchestra than the first Concerto (with double woodwinds and no harps), the second is also ostensibly in one continuous movement, but much more tightly organised. Essentially, it consists of two main sections, linked by the cadenza.  It was only then that Kochanski, feeling that the work was too short as it stood, added a cadenza - considerably more elaborate than its counterpart in the first Concerto. Kochanski  gave the first performance on 6 October in Warsaw, with Grzegorz Fitelberg conducting.

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Instrument part: 13 pages. 1666 K


Piano part: Missed


Sczymanowski - Violin concerto N2 op.61 - Instrument part - First page Sczymanowski - Violin concerto N2 op.61 - Piano part - First page
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The opening section (Moderato, motto tranquillo) begins with a long lyrical melody, narrow In compass and presented by the solo violin, lightly accompanied; its subsequent development is flavoured by allusions to the astringent Goral folk music of the Tatra highlanders, then a powerful source of inspiration for Szymanowski. Its climax is followed by a reflective interlude (Andante sostenuto), after which a return to the earlier mood and tempo prepares the way for the cadenza. The concluding section (Allegramente, motto energico) is in the form of a rondo, whose vigorous, rhythmic refrain is also indebted to Goral music. Contrast is offered by a gentle subsidiary theme (Poco meno allegretto, tranqulllo) also introduced by the solo violin, and there is a substantial central episode (Andantino, molto tranqulllo) based on an eloquent melody initiated by the violin in its lowest register, supported by clarinet and oboe. In the closing pages references are made to the main theme of the opening section.
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