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Sczymanowski - Violin concerto N1 op.35

Sczymanowski - Violin concerto N1 op.35. You can download the PDF sheet music Sczymanowski - Violin concerto N1 op.35 on this page. The first Violin concerto (Op.35) was composed in the summer and autumn of 1916, a year after Myths and immediately after completion of the third Symphony. The concerto was written at a time when Szymanowski was very much under the influence of Arabic culture and Greek mythology, and this accounts for the exotic, impressionistic atmosphere that suffuses the music; indeed, it seems very probable that it was directly inspired by the pantheistic poem Noc majowas ('May Night') by Tadeusz Micihski.

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Instrument part: Missed


Orchestral score: 78 pages. 11564 K


Sczymanowski - Violin concerto N1 op.35 - Instrument part - first page Sczymanowski - Violin concerto N1 op.35 - Piano part - first page
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The concerto, sumptuously scored for a large orchestra that includes triple woodwinds, celesta, piano and two harps, is in one movement, so complex and rhapsodic in design that It is impossible to give a useful verbal description of it in a restricted space and without musical examples and detailed references to the score. Tempo directions vary freely and frequently and the structure is based on a variety of short, interchangeable melodic fragments that emerge and submerge in a seamless flow that gives the impression of being a spontaneous improvisation. The only 'set piece' is the short but brilliant cadenza (written by Kochanski) which separates the main body of the concerto from the passionate final 'apotheosis' where, for the first time, the orchestra is not subservient to the violin -although the solo instrument has the last word.
The first performance was to have been given by Kochanski with the conductor Alexander Ziloti in St Petersburg on 4 February 1917, but the plan was frustrated by the revolutionary upheaval in Russia, and the premiere did not take place until 1 November, when It was given in Warsaw under Emil Mlynarski. On this occasion the soloist was Jozef Ominski, leader of the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra, as Kochanski was In America -though he was to perform it on many later occasions.
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