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Tishchenko - Violin Concerto N2 op.84

Tishchenko - Violin Concerto N2 op.84. You can download the PDF sheet music Tishchenko - Violin Concerto N2 op.84 on this page. Tishchenko's musical language in this "Violin Symphony" op.84 reveals a multitude of elements which have much in common with the findings of the Western avantgarde. But all separate moments in this community only stress the qualitative differences in their employment. Boris Tishchenko tackles the pitched series, rhythmic progressions, rhythms with the added small duration, measured rhythmic structure of whole forms, pointillism, "torn textures" and the like. Making use of all these techniques, he nevertheless in a purely Slavonic, Russian style softens the mathematically strict approach to the composition procedures. This Violin concerto has four movements, and the second movement has a great violin cadenza. A number of other models inherent in Tishchenko's compositions appear to be related to a problem common for the entire 20th century — the philosophical problem of time. All aspects of Time proved to be highly topical for Boris Tishchenko.

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Instrument part: 34 pages. 2631 K


Piano part: 137 pages. 9260 K


Tishchenko - Violin Concerto N2 op.84 - Instrument part - first page Tishchenko - Violin Concerto N2 op.84 - Piano part - first page
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