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Tishchenko - Sonata for violin solo N2 op.63

Tishchenko - Sonata for violin solo N2 op.63. You can download the PDF sheet music Tishchenko - Sonata for violin solo N2 op.63 on this page. This sonata for solo violin has seven movements. Boris Tishchenko is sensitive to the civic principles in art, which was a characteristic trait of Shostakovich. Throughout the history of national culture Russian writers, poets, painters and composers used to consistently follow the tradition of introducing in their works the motives of social protest and struggle against the current rulers: indeed, a poet in Russia is more than just a poet. It is noteworthy how the Tishchenko style in this violin sonata op.63 correlates with the traditions initiated by Igor Stravinsky. One of the most involved matters as regards Boris Tishchenko's musical language concerns his correlation with the Western avantgarde and its compositional innovations. In contrast to some other composers of his generation, Boris Tishchenko seemed to face in this respect an invisible boundary-line, which made his work more typically Russian than European in general or Western in particular. This solo sonata has 7 parts:

I. Prelude (Maestoso)
II. Intermezzo I (Presto)
III. Allegro
IV. Intermezzo II (Presto)
V. Aria (Andante)
VI. Intermezzo III (Presto)
VII. Postlude (Maestoso)

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Instrument part: 28 pages. 988 K


Tishchenko - Sonata for violin solo N2 op.63 - Instrument part - first page

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