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Viotti - Violin concerto a-moll N.22

Viotti - Violin concerto a-moll N.22. You can download the PDF sheet music Viotti - Violin concerto a-moll N.22 on this page. This beautiful & delicious work by the talented artist - is still the recognized opus of arrangement for classical violin. Giovanni Battlsta Vlotti inherited violinistic traditions set by Corelli and perfected by Paganini. Viotti's influence upon the development of violin-playing was incalculable; his technical brilliance inspired a new generation of French performers, and several of his violin concertos remain in the repertory. The A-minor concerto, No.22, was composed in London during 1794. Vlotti astonishes the hearer, but does something infinitely better - he awakens emotion, and gives a soul to sound.

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Instrument part: 21 pages. 560 K


Piano part: 36 pages. 790 K


Instrument part - First page Piano part - First page
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Having started as a late-galant composer, Viotti reached the threshold of Romanticism,  even though pre-Romantic traits can be envisioned in more than one composition, notably in his famous Concerto No. 22 in A minor, which was a favourite of Brahms's. The last nine of Viotti's concertos, all composed in England between 1792 and 1815, can be considered a group of their own: the composer himself wanted to differentiate them from the rest, by cataloguing them in a different way. The use of a larger orchestra, the pathos of slow movements and the use of less virtuosic violin writing are the most evident elements of the musician's last stylistic approach.
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