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Wolfart - Easiest elementary Method for Beginners op.38

Wolfart - Easiest elementary Method for Beginners op.38. You can download the PDF sheet music Wolfart - Violin school for beginners, op.38 on this page.

Preface by Franz Wolfart:

Although a good many Violin Methods have been published, there is not one intended simply and solely for children. The hands of these latter are often so small that the teacher hardly ventures to insist on the correct position for the 4th (little) finger, and for this reason I should have been glad to exclude its employment entirely, in this little work, had I not learned from my own experience that the sooner its training is started, the better. My unforgettable teacher, the late Concert-master Ferdinand David, had a great deal of trouble with me in this particular.
Another serious mistake is made when the teacher passes on to other positions before the pupil has thoroughly mastered the First Position.
The more difficult keys, as well as the embellishments, have been excluded, neither being suitable for primary instruction. I thought it unnecessary to give directions for the position of the body, holding the violin and bow, etc., for any good teacher can explain such matters better than written directions, especially in the case of children.
The attention of those examining this work is called to the fact, that I have purposely inserted several little pieces with accompaniments like those usually employed in dance-music; their aim is not only to interest the pupil, but also to stimulate his sense of rhythm.

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