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Zimbalist - Daily exercises for the violin

Zimbalist - Daily exercises for the violin. You can download the PDF sheet music Zimbalist - Daily exercises for the violin on this page. In this book, composer Efrem Zimbalist belief that an hour, or at most an hour and a half, of practice on daily exercises carefully selected to meet the difficulties of violin-playing, is sufficient preparation for the actual study of one's repertoire.

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Violin part: 21 pages. 2855 K



Zimbalist - Daily exercises for the violin - Violin part - first page
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Since the mechanical side of all playing is but the starting-point for the performer, it is evident that this should consume a minor portion of the time devoted to the instrument. Therefore, of four hours a day spent in practice—and more than that could hardly be beneficial—from one to one and a half hour would seem to be about the correct proportion for the purely technical preparation. Each violinist now have only to invent and arrange such exercises as will, in that space of time, drill the hands in all the essentials of technique.

In arranging and selecting the material for this book, author has proceeded on the assumption that most of the problems to be met in violin-literature are combinations or variations of the usual equipment of the well-schooled violinist, consisting of scales, thirds, tenths, octaves, flageolets, and the like; and that a daily drilling in these would be an adequate preparation for any technical problem likely to arise. Of course, there are any amount of études, excellent in their way, and dealing with just these problems; but they are generally discursive and consume altogether too much time. They may have a legitimate place in acquiring a technique during childhood, when any amount of amplification of a principle is necessary to make a lasting impression. When the problem, however, is how to retain the technique already acquired, the Etude is not sufficiently compact to be of service. To vary the inevitable monotony of all mechanical exercises, composer would suggest that the following be played in the different keys, both major and minor.

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